Network Marketing

Network Marketing is no longer the opportunity your parents and even grandparents enjoyed of yesteryear! As word of mouth has evolved, so has the industry of network marketing and so must we! The days of chance meetings and door-to-door solicitation are obsolete! The introduction of mass communication through new cell phone technology, computers and the wonderful internet has made the world our backyard! The key is seizing the vastness of what being online and using the new technology will do for your business! The power of social media and the internet, I like to dub communication media, increases touch with people in your own community, your country, your world! Knowing the purpose of business is but one part of creating effective marketing strategies to reach the masses! You MUST know where people congregate, and have what those people need in order to drive traffic to you! Most importantly, they must know you are in business in the first place! Online resources like, Facebook, Youtube & Google are excellent ways to get your product or service in front of thousands and even millions of people! However, having only one venue will get you some touch, but increasing the number of online venues will increase your touch! Once you have structured your business online and have created massive traffic to your business, you must be able to communicate with potential customers and determine their need to be effective in assisting them! With this, there are excellent tools that can aid you in sorting through riff-raff and giving you the viable leads that will result in new customers and partnerships! Not to be misleading, you WILL need to vest a reasonable amount of time in your efforts to establish a presence online. Get familiar with the various tools, and social sites available. Find what works best for you. As you become more savvy, broaden your tool usage to other media including blogs, blasts and even forums where you can chat directly with interested people online. Be patient and most of all be present! The internet is on 24/7, so you must be as well. No… it is not practical for you to sit online all day waiting for an interested party! That is where tools come in! Emails, texts, blogs and posts are great ways for you to establish a relationship with your potential clients, while allowing you to stay fresh when the time comes to present yourself, your opportunity, your product and/ or service.

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