Forgiveness Affirmations

I forgive myself for thinking that I am not perfect, not good enough,

not smart enough and not lovable.

I claim my perfection, my enough-ness, my intelligence, knowing that I am loved and lovable.

I live in the now and vision my future knowing my Higher Power is at work in my life.

In this now moment, I understand the true meaning of forgiveness.

To forgive others is to love and forgive myself.

As I forgive myself and others, I release anger and free myself

to create a life that serves my family, my community and all of humanity.

I practice forgiveness and claim that the past has no effect

on my present or future.

I no longer hold onto anger and resentment.

As I release negative feelings and destructive thoughts, I invite

peace and harmony into my life.

I have the courage today to forgive my parents for any wrong that I

thought they did to me.

I take responsibility for my anger, I take responsibility for any

hateful thoughts and I take responsibility for destructive feelings.

I forgive myself for any grudges that I hold against my parents or those who raised me.

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