UNDERSTANDING.  Examine the cause of your anxiety and stress.  Understanding is the first step.  Know and
accept your limits.

LET IT GO.  Concentrate on the things you can change.  Let go of the things that are beyond your control.

LET IT OUT.  Communication is ventilation.  Don’t put off discussing problems.  A good cry is OK and healthy.

GET ORGANIZED.  Focus on the most important tasks first, not just the easiest.  List your goals.  Follow

SEEK HELP.  It’s OK to ask.  Needing help is not a sign of weakness.  Learn to delegate.

PLAN YOUR TIME.  Set realistic goals.  Allow enough time to complete tasks.  Learn to say no when your
schedule is full.  Take time for yourself.

EXAMINE EACH SITUATION.  Don’t automatically slip into old responses that are not effective for you.

CHANGE NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR.  Approach tasks in a positive manner.  Target situations and people that
support positive behavior patterns.

BE PATIENT.  Take a deep breath instead of losing control.  Learn and practice relaxation techniques.

HAVE FUN.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Take time to find the humor in stress situations.

GET REST.  Replenish your energy.  Change your environment.  Don’t wait until you are “burned out” before
you schedule a break.

EXERCISE REGULARLY.  Let out that built-up stress and improve your overall health.

AVOID NON-PRESCRIBED DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.  Theses will decrease your capability to handle stress.

EATING HABITS.  Eat regular well-balanced meals.  Keep healthy snacks available for busy times.  Reduce
caffeine, salt, sugar and fat in your diet.

QUIET TIME.  Spend a few moments every day to dream, relax and create a peaceful environment.

CHECK YOUR BODY LANGUAGE.  Smile, Smile, Smile.  Relax your shoulders and neck.  Stand tall.  Take a
moment to stretch and reach.

COMPLIMENT YOURSELF.  Recognize it when you handle a difficult situation.  Accept praise from others.

TREAT YOURSELF.  Monitor your schedule and budget.  Spend some of your time, money and energy on

REMEMBER THAT WE ARE NOT PERFECT.  Mistakes are part of growth.  They happen to all of us.  Forgive
yourself for your imperfections.

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